Granite or marble: what is the best option?

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Both marble and granite are noble stones often used on the surface of benches, internal and external walls and as decorative details. These stones add charm and elegance to real estate, making them great options for those who want to build or renovate.

Many people are in doubt about which to choose when composing the ornamentation of houses and apartments. This indecision is understandable, after all, the choice is not so simple and depends on a few factors.

See the main differences between the two stones and decide which material to use in your residence. Without doubt, without mysteries and without headache …

Technical differences

Both stones are drawn directly from nature. First they are rocky and then are sawn and polished, resulting in blades of different thicknesses to be used in the decoration.

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that originates from exposed limestone at elevated temperature and pressure. They have a huge variety of colors, structures and textures, making it a versatile and suitable finish for different designs.

Granite, in turn, is a kind of coarse-grained igneous rock essentially composed of alkali feldspars and quartz. It should be noted that the ornamental effect of this stone is very recognized (and valued) in civil construction.


Advantages of Marble and Granite

Those who think that marble and granite have only differences are mistaken. Both stones have beauty as a strong point, as well as, of course, durability, since the two materials when installed in appropriate places can last forever. This means that applying marble or granite on your property is not an expense, but an investment that in addition to bringing great taste to decoration will greatly enhance it.


Where to apply them

Before opting for marble or granite consider the environment in which the stone will be installed. In general, marble is recommended for flooring in the most noble areas of the house, such as entrance hall, living room and toilet. In relation to the benches of daily use, the indication of the specialists is so that they are made with granite. It can also be used in noble areas as long as the design of the decorator or architect proposes it in an interesting and harmonious way.


Extra Tips

If you choose to use granite floors on pool edges or outside areas, bet on a non-slip finish;

Remember that black and red granites are much stronger than the gray ones;

In kitchens, give preference to granite, because the porosity of the marble causes it to absorb dirt, chemicals and its own moisture very easily.

If you still have a question about which rock is the best or which most fits your project, use both. With a good planning you can adapt both materials to give a touch of refinement and practicality in the decoration you want for your home.