Understanding the cost of granite counters

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The options seem limitless these days, including the material available for benches. If you are reading this article, you may be aware of the benefits of using granite for countertop surfaces. It’s

beautiful, durable, and there are no two equal parts, so your workbench will be truly unique. For those of you who have firmly decided on granite, congratulations on selecting this timeless natural stone. The next big question, of course, is “How much do granite countertops cost?” Cost is an important deciding factor in most purchasing decisions. There are many factors that go into the process, which makes each owner’s situation unique. Factors include: color, dimensions, customizations, and installation costs. Where you live can also play a major role in

how much you can expect to pay.

I have been in contact with an industry expert whose family has been working since 1932. Dave Syverson, vice president / sales manager at Syverson Tile & Stone in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has been in family business since 1993. With his experience, he was able to offer some invaluable advice on what homeowners should consider when selecting granite as their choice at the counter. “Trust your manufacturer and develop a relationship with them,” says Syverson. Syverson Tile houses an exhibition hall, a stone yard and a manufacturing shop where it does custom work for other granite stores in the area. Syverson spoke at length about granite countertops and the many factors that contributed to the installation of granite countertops.



The location impacts the costs of stone suppliers. Syverson recommends shopping, but stay local. “In the back, imported stone prices will be cheaper because of the proximity to seaports,” he notes. Using a local stone distributor will reduce shipping costs, which can be added by the supplier if the location is outside your area of ​​coverage. Syverson also recommends finding a supplier who will manufacture and install your countertops as this can lead to substantial savings on your part.



Granite is found all over the world and is produced in the country in the United States and imported from countries like Brazil, China, Italy and India. The type of stone you choose will affect the cost. For example, Blue Bahia Brazil is an exotic granite in high demand and can administer $ 90 to $ 100 a square foot, not including the installation cost. Blue granites tend to have higher prices, while white and tan granites tend to be less expensive. Local showrooms will have a variety of choices, so keep in mind that names may vary from one location to another. What can be commonly called Golden Ray (extracted from Brazil, gold and brown color) in one supplier can go through a slightly different name elsewhere.



Knowing the dimensions of your bench is crucial. Most kitchen counters will incorporate an L-shaped design and often include an island. You will also need to consider the cuts involved for your sink, faucets and cooking tops. Prior to installation, the manufacturer will come home and create a countertops model to use in granite cutting in the store. Smaller projects, such as bathrooms, can be considerably less expensive, especially if the granite remnants can be used for the project.



One of the biggest elements influencing the price of granite countertops is installation costs. These are usually included in the estimate / quote provided by your stone manufacturer. Be sure to hire someone with license and trust.

Check your quote and see if the removal of your old countertops is included in the installation. If it is not, there will probably be an additional cost for this service. If there are any electrical outlets or plumbing that would complicate the removal, then there may be additional charges for this. Be sure to have your faucets, sinks and cooking tops in place to ensure a successful installation.



Backsplashes and edge treatments come in a variety of selections and can enhance the appearance of countertops. Different types of edge include mitered, ogee and bullnose. Common backsplash selections are 4 inches or total height in design. Discuss your plans with your manufacturer and expect that there will be costs associated with customizations.



You can use granite debris for smaller designs such as a bathroom vanity. Some stone yards may refer to their remaining selection as “the boneyard” because that’s where they the remaining pieces of granite are kept. Suppliers offer deep discounts on these surplus granite slabs, so check with a local vendor when completing smaller projects and save some money in the process. All of the above factors will affect the final cost of granite countertops in your home and should be carefully considered. shopping. When the day finally arrives to have your granite countertops installed, you can be sure to have made a great investment that will enhance and beautify your home for years to come.


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