Bathroom and wash basin get luxurious touches

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Some people think that sophistication is only used in the central rooms of the house. Toilets and lavatories have won unique touches of architects, designing unique and cozy environments.

Sophistication is the word that represents the bathroom of the master suite designed by Studio Urbano, at Decor Interior 2018. At the request of the clients, who did not want anything that went back to the retro or vintage style, the Studio praised for the sobriety and elegance, applying the marble white in contrast to navy blue. “In addition to representing neutrality and balance, the contrast between these two tones conveys relaxation and tranquility. A classic, “explained one of the project’s architects, Heloísa Rubim Moraes.

As for the materials, it allied sophistication with simplicity, inserting a coating that imitates the texture of marble in white and gray shades. “The couple asked that the coverings be applied to the ceiling, an option that goes against the fashion of applying coatings only inside the box. For this reason, this material will be the protagonist of the bathroom, placed on all walls and floor. Another detail designed by the architect is the lining, which will bring even more sophistication, besides helping in the acoustics of the environment.

Also part of the team of Studio Urbano Arquitetura & Interiores are the architects Victor Luiz Tédde and André Frota Contreras Faraco.

Functional and indispensable, washbasins also follow trends when it comes to ambiance. In less space, this environment is a great challenge for architects, who need to combine creativity and technical knowledge.

“Of a lean size, the toilet needs textures and patterns that work in our favor, conveying the sense of magnification, leaving the customer surprised with the impression of increased space and, of course, satisfied with the result,” explained the office architect DRVO, Leo Rait.

The lavabo design presented in Decor Interior by DRVO Arquitetura was executed with vertical designs, leaving the amplitude due to the textures and lighting. “Our conception for the project was very much against the initial idea of ​​our customers, but after we showed the study we had done, they realized the quality and innovation of what we were proposing and consequently loved the project,” added one of the architects of projects.

With vertical elements, including the mirror, the toilet received tub and marble floors with 3D effect. With carefully designed pieces, such as the wood slatted soap dish from the architects’ own production, the environment also won a table designed by the office’s plastic artist. Both pieces totally exclusive to the couple, leaving the environment even more luxurious, drawing sighs from every corner.

By Viviane Barbosa Americana