American stand: versatile and functional

By 19 de February de 2018Sem categoria

The American countertop is the space of preparation of food and often used to make meals. Besides being beautiful, it should be functional and comfortable. The height of the bench is variable and its function must be taken into account. The great trend is still because of the granite that can gain the help of utensils to add sophistication and practicality.

The bench is more used in kitchens, and should have easy methods of cleaning, durability, low porosity and practicality, so that life with the bench is further simplified. The height of the bench depends on the use and height of the person using it. So that there is no doubt in choosing the ideal height, check out the main American benches:

Basin of the sink: its height should be between 86 and 93 cm, depending on the height of who uses this space;

High bench: more suitable for eating, this type of bench usually has a maximum height of 110 cm (if it is up to 105 cm will be easier to find);

Low bench: this is more like a table, being able to have the height of 76 cm (from the floor).