Six Tips for Using Marble

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Rock requires a high investment. On average, prices in m² start at $ 300, but vary by color and type. The value also depends on the exclusivity of the chosen marble, which can reach more than $ 1,500 for imported and rarer pieces, such as the white Greek Thassos.

Also on this point, the tiles that reproduce the marble can be a good request!

No matter which one you choose, we’ve selected the six best tips on how to take advantage of the beauty and features of the material and ensure great results in decorating. Check out:


Match colors and textures

If you want to make the environment even more charming, mix the use of the material and other noble stones to create a sophisticated air. Bet, for example, in light colors such as Carrara marble or Crema Marfil, with more remarkable stones – the marble Calacata and Imperial Brown, for example.

But remember to harmonize the color palette and avoid conflicting tones and textures. So the environment does not get too loaded.


Highlight marble

On smaller or more economical projects, invest in marble as the centerpiece of the decoration. Thus, in addition to ensuring the use of the piece as a luxury finish, the project still has a fundamental basis to facilitate future combinations.

In the rooms, the lining of fireplaces and panels with the marble leaves the atmosphere very elegant and with aesthetic esthetics. In bathrooms and kitchens, the highlight may come from benches and sinks, for example. Consequently, even with simpler furniture and coatings, the environment remains beautiful and in evidence.


Explore new possibilities

The marble is very versatile, so it can be availed in various ways throughout the house. An innovative alternative is to use it on walls and furniture, for example.

Another tendency is to apply small pieces in hexagonal shape, creating a hive-like geometry. The marble makes this aesthetic even more elegant and unique.

Also interesting is the idea of ​​investing in fully marble tables, both dinner and center tables and bedside tables. The possibilities are many, because the pieces can be round or square, large or small, and still have the top in any type of marble.


Bet on details

The marble also arrived for the decor items. Accompanying a more minimalist aesthetic, they promise to bring all the expressiveness and uniqueness of the stone into details and small objects that complement the environment.

The most found are lamps, trays, shelves, frames and pots for plants. But the material is also present in watches, boxes, decorative plates and many other options.


Reproduce the aesthetics of marble in objects

There is also the possibility of reproducing the beauty of the natural veins in unusual articles.

Good examples of this option are the fabrics, plastics and wallpapers that simulate the pattern of the stones. In this way, pillows, notebooks, bedding and even cell phone covers can take advantage of the visual characteristics of the marble!


Look for coatings that simulate marble

As already mentioned, there are coverings reproducing the rock, ensuring the beauty of the marble and still adding other qualities.

Porcelain tile, for example, is considered one of the best floor coverings, countertops and walls. Can be applied in external or internal areas, wet or dry. Among its main features are: high strength, low water absorption, easy cleaning and maintenance, affordable price and versatility.

Porcelain tiles can still be found with various textures, patterns and thicknesses, including noble models that perfectly simulate various types of marble, such as Carrara, Calacata, Armani Gray and Nero Marquina.


Source: Portobello